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About us / Who we are

As a coach with 7 years at the college level I have dealt with the tedious scouting processes that occur in collegiate baseball. Going through box scores manually and counting up at bats for each player of an upcoming opponent is a slow and painful task. While professional athletes have the latest and greatest technologies when preparing for opposing teams, this has not translated to the college game.

That is until now! With over 30 years of experience as a software engineer, I have used this knowledge to perfect software that tracks every player across college baseball & softball and creates in-depth hitting tendencies. This data provides coaches with a strategic advantage and strong game plan on every opposing batter, allowing you to position your players based on their tendencies. Give yourself the defensive advantage that will take your team to the next level and know your opponent this season! Contact us today and receive a complimentary report of your team!

Our Charts / features

  • Charts are available for all Baseball and Softball divisions
  • Every team is updated on a weekly basis
  • Up-to-date hitting tendencies of every college player including:
    • What parts of the field they tend to hit the ball to
    • Whether they hit predominantely fly-balls, line drives, or ground-balls
  • More than 3 years of data on most teams
  • Over 150,000 tabulated play-by-play box scores
  • Reports for individual games, the entire season, and the playoffs
  • FREE trial
    • Includes your team and first 3 oppenents
    • Charts arrive in less than 24 hours
    • Email or Call to receive your free trial

Wins / teams that used College Spray charts


  • 3 National Champions
  • 4 National Runner-ups
  • 14 Teams in the D1, D2, D3 World Series
  • 47 Teams in the D1, D2, D3 Regionals


  • 1 National Champion
  • 1 National Runner-up
  • 8 Teams in the D1, D2, D3 World Series
  • 14 Teams in the D1, D2, D3 Regionals


  • D3 national runner-up University of Southern Maine
  • 4 Teams in the 2013 D2 and D3 World Series
  • 6 Teams in the 2013 D2 and D3 Regionals

Sample Chart

View a Sample Chart here

Clients / Testimonials

"I've been using CollegeSprayChart for the past 5 years. In today's game CollegeSprayCharts is a necessity. It's advanced scouting at it's finest."

Bob Prince UMass Dartmouth Baseball/Head Coach

"Going into a game at the college level and having a plan on where to place your outfielders and infielders is outstanding. You have the advantage of having your pitcher pitch to his strength because you know that you are playing a hitter to pull, oppo, or just straight up. It is also great to know who bunts and who does not so coverage between your 2nd baseman and shortstop can be changed up."

Ed Boyce University of Southern Maine/Asst. Baseball Coach/2013 D3 National Runner-up/2014 College World Series

"College Spray Charts helped us better align our defensive positioning quickly"

Jim Gantt Catawba College/Head Baseball Coach/2015 D2 National Runner-up

"College Spray Charts gives us an edge when it comes to scouting our opponents and their hitters’ tendencies. We can set our pitch calling and defensive strategies according to the detailed reports. College Spray Charts is so easy to use, their website and our future opponents are constantly updated so we have the latest information about our opponent."

Mike White University of Oregon/Head Softball Coach/2015 College World Series

"I'm afraid to give a great testimonial because my opponents may start using what I use against them"

Anonymous Head Coach 2015 regional team

"Last season we used College Spray Charts and they were a critical piece to our success in making it to the National Championship game. Having the information to better position our defense proved to be a very important edge in aiding us winning 50 games! It also saved our coaches countless hours having to read through all of our opponents box score play by plays by having that information right at our finger tips."

Michael Reed University of Texas at Tyler/Head Softball Coach/D3 2015 National Runner-up

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FAQ / frequently asked questions

What information do the reports contain?

Most reports will contain 4 years of compiled play-by-play information and provide the most up-to-date information with new games being added to the report weekly.

How are the reports delivered?

You are able to access the reports through a secure link that will be sent to your desired email addresses.

Can I get a sample report for my team?

A complementary report of your team is available free of charge. We hope this information is beneficial to your players as they try to improve as players and it gives you an understanding of the benefits our software provides from a strategic standpoint.

How accurate are the charts?

The information used to produce the charts is derived from the play-by-play information from the box scores (The play-by-play information only gives the location of where the ball was put into play and not the distance it was hit). With my experience as a software developer I have come to develop highly accurate charts that provide you with the latest information on your opponent.

Why does our program need College Spray Charts?

Save time from scouting opponents and compiling information manually.

Position your players to take away opponent strengths and pitch to their weaknesses.

It provides useful information in key situations throughout the game.

It gives your team the defensive advantage that will take your team to the next level!

How do I get a sample of College Spray Charts?

Call or email us to get your free team report or get set up for a free 3 game trial(within 24 hours).

How do I pay for College Spray Charts?

You can use the Payment tab and use a credit card or PAYPAL or we can invoice your school for payment.

How long after payment will my secure link be set up?

Within 24 hours you will be set up with your team and all the opponents on your current schedule.

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